Get compliant with the EU taxonomy

Step-by-step assessment, guiding you through the criteria for your business activities

Overview dashboard of taxonomy scoreEU objectives to complete assessment for
Overview of assessment completion status for a business unit

Features taking you from A to Z

Complete assessment

Questionnaires covering all aspects of the taxonomy

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Expert comments

Relevant comments from our experts on ESG and EU Law to every question

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Guides to all sub-requirements

Library of easily understandable how-to guides for items required by the taxonomy

External audit

Verify the correctness of your work and your company's taxonomy performance

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Performance overview

Aggregated performance and assessment completeness across your business

Integrations to your systems

Integrate with your data systems for automatic import and export of data

Get early access

Faerder is in development. Become an early access customer to have our ESG experts prioritize your business' activities among the 90+ activities included in the taxonomy in the development of activity-specific questionnaires and guiding.

Screenshot from assessment form, with questions, expert comments and other functionalities

Your business' activities prioritized for assessment development

As an early access-customer, our ESG experts will prioritize your business' activities in the development of activity-specific questionnaires, guiding documents and templates.

Prioritized development of assessment in line with taxonomy
Audit and verification by Faerder experts included
Personal guidance through assessment as required

Features developed to fit your needs

We request a monthly user session with our early access-customers to understand your requirements and develop our tool accordingly.

Influence what features are prioritized for development
Quick turnaround from idea to implementation
No extra cost, only our appreciation
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